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At Big Blue Plumbing we are experts in hydronic heating. We do not work on or install forced air systems. The information in this email is still valid for all homeowners.

The nights are getting colder and it will soon be time to turn on your heating system for that cold winter heating season. At this time, we thoroughly recommend turning on your heating system to ensure that it is fully functioning.

What I know from my 30 plus years as a heating engineer, come November, December, January and February Big blue Plumbing will be inundated with calls from people who have issues with their hydronic heating system or boiler. This will happen when we are at our busiest and when repair or replacement parts are at their highest demand. Clients will be calling us with no heating and no hot water at the coldest days of the year.


I thoroughly recommend that you turn on your heating right now and let it run for a couple of days. I know many of us like to save energy by delaying turning on the heating until the latest date possible. I still recommend turning it on now and giving it at least two full days of testing in conjunction with your normal hot water use. It is better to learn about an issue now than when you have guests over for the holidays.

How do I test my heating system?
Just go to your thermostat or thermostats and put them all in the RUN position and or HEAT position.

What else can I do?
Take a look at your boiler:
  • Look for leaks or wet spots
  • Check for error codes on the display screen
  • Listen for high pitched noises or grumbling and banging noises
  • Sniff around for gas smells
  • Always ensure you have carbon monoxide detectors and the batteries are in good order
Installing Heating

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Whether your heating is fully functional or not, it is a good idea to schedule a service or system check up with one of our trained professionals.