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Plumbing Repiping Services In Alameda & Oakland

Ensuring the Water in Your Home Is Always Flowing

The pipes in your home are responsible for providing you with water for many of your daily activities. They rarely get much time to rest between use, so it should come as no surprise that over time, they begin to wear and experience problems. Though this is perfectly normal, it doesn’t make it any less inconvenient. When you find yourself in need of repiping in Oakland or Alameda, give the team at Big Blue Plumbing a call.

Our plumbing company offers:

For two decades, we have been helping homeowners with their repiping projects and can help you with any problem you may be dealing with. There is no plumbing problem too complex for our team and we are always here for you when problems arise.

To schedule a service appointment with our Oakland repiping plumbers, give us a call today at (510) 939-7870.

Reasons for Pipe Problems

Most of the homes in our area were built before 1965, which is the time when copper piping for hot and cold water became standard. Older homes were installed with galvanized iron cut and thread pipe. Iron that comes in contact with water and oxygen will corrode. This corrosion, or rust, causes the iron to swell up and become flaky. In order to prevent the rusting of the iron, the pipes were dipped in zinc. The zinc bonds with the iron and creates a waterproof membrane to protect the iron from rusting.

Well, after 60 years or more, the friction of the water running through the pipe has just completely worn away all of the zinc coating. Now the iron and the water are in contact and the rusting of the pipes is causing all kinds of plumbing issues.

Galvanized Piping

Galvanized piping is responsible for at least half of the plumbing emergencies that we run into in the houses around the Bay Area. The initial issues that occur are the discoloration of the water, with brown water coming out of a faucet that may have a foul odor. It can also cause stains in clothing put in the washing machine.

As the pipes continue to age, flakes of rust will accumulate in various parts of the plumbing system, most commonly in shower heads, faucets, and shut-off valves. This can cause low flow issues or even stop a fixture from flowing altogether. The next common issue that happens with older galvanized pipes is the “arterial sclerosis” of the system, which occurs when the swelling of the pipes gets to be so severe that it reduces the available volume of water that can flow around the system.

This will show up mostly in the form of a fixture shutting down or the water flow being greatly reduced, particularly when another fixture is used. Most typically we hear about how a shower will diminish when a toilet is flushed. Ultimately, pinhole leaks appear in the pipe or a pipe just breaks and then we can have a plumbing catastrophe with severe property damage.

Repiping Services

The solution is a copper or PEX repipe. A repipe is the process of replacing a part of the pipe or the entire hot and cold water piping system. Typically when we do this, we will be replacing all the hot and cold water piping, all of the shut-off valves and supply hoses, and sometimes the tub and shower valves as well. In homes with a crawl space, this is actually not as big of a project as it seems and can often be completed in a day or two.

Our experienced technicians have many systems and tricks of the trade that can really minimize the impact on the home and avoid much of the wall and tile repair. From threading pipes through existing holes to specially designed cover plates for shower valves, it may not be as invasive as you might think. That being said, there are, of course, many times when we will be opening a wall to access piping. The good news is that we can include wall repair in our scope so that you are not left trying to find multiple contractors to get the job finished.

Copper or PEX?

There are two types of piping that are included in the California plumbing code: copper, which has been the standard for many years, and now PEX, which is a semi-rigid plastic tubing. Both of these piping systems have pros and con’s but both are acceptable, code-compliant, and come with our full twenty-year guarantee.

Copper piping has been the standard for many years and is typically viewed as the premier form of repiping. We use Type “L” copper, which is the premier grade of copper. We believe that if you are going to invest in copper piping, do it once, do it right.

Additional Benefits of Repiping

When a home is repiped, you can forget about plumbing issues with hot and cold water distribution. Your flow issues will disappear and you can go on vacation knowing that your piping will not be in danger of bursting while you are gone. We love repiping older homes because of the night and day difference it can make in a client's comfort and sanitation in their home.

Schedule your Oakland repiping project with our team today. We back our work with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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