Tankless water heaters, high efficiency water heaters, and boilers require regular service to maintain peak performance and to ensure maximum life span. At Big Blue Plumbing, we specialize in the installation and long-term care of high efficiency water heating appliances.

Right now we’re offering a $39 discount off high efficiency water service, but if you’d to take a stab at doing your own maintenance, here’s our step-by-step guide for DIY tankless flushing. Before beginning, refer to your owner’s manual, some warranties are void if non-qualified individuals attempt repairs.

Plumber tuning up water heater

1. Turn off the gas supply and disconnect the electrical connection.

2. Turn the 3-way service valves to the bypass setting, release the pressure in the system through the relief valve.

3. Place a sump pump of 1/6th horsepower in a 5 gallon bucket. Connect a small hose (we like to use washing machine hoses) to the OUTPUT connection of the sump pump, and connect the other end to the INPUT connection on the tankless heater.

4. Connect another washing machine hose to the OUTPUT side of the heater. Let the other end rest open in the 5 gallon bucket.

5. Add 3 gallons of water and one gallon of Flow-Aide descaler to the bucket.

6. Run the pump for at least 30 minutes but this could be longer if there has been a long period without servicing or a low flow error code.

7. Disconnect the pump and restore water supply to the tankless.

8. Run the hot water at a faucet for several minutes to remove remnants from the flush chemical (it is non-toxic).

9. Plug the unit back in and turn on the gas.

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