An Ounce of Prevention Is Worth a Pound of Cure

Properly handling rain water is incredibly important to every home, because even if the water drains away, mold and mildew can arise and subterranean insects can come to the surface and infest your home.

Unfortunately, just having a rain water pump isn’t enough to protect you. The pump needs to be the right size, installed correctly, and ideally, connected to a back-up battery system. Because even properly installed pumps can fail if the power goes out and that can be the difference between an inconvenience and a catastrophe.


SIZE: If the pump is undersized it can cause short cycling, which causes burn out.

FILTRATION: If the pump is not surrounded by drain rock, then mud and debris can clog the pump inlet, which causes a burn out and failure.

ELECTRICAL CONNECTION: Sump pumps should never be connected to extension cords.

DISCHARGE: Discharge should never be installed with a hose or piped too close to the house and pump, doing so will cause the pump to continually cycle and prematurely burn out.

AGE: Pumps don’t last forever! Pumps over five years should be replaced.

NOT ENOUGH PUMPS: The size and shape of a home determine how many pumps are needed, as well as the size of the discharge pipe.

CONNECTED TO THE SEWER: This causes sewer back ups and upsets EBMUD. When there is too much water entering a treatment plant, excess overflows straight into the Bay. And, this is not just rain water, it’s raw, untreated sewage!


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