Gross Fact:¬†Plumbers call the day after Thanksgiving “Brown Friday” because they spend it helping customers with backed up sewer lines caused by the additional demand placed on their plumbing systems.

Big Blue Fact: We want you to have a stress-free December. Follow these tips today to prevent plumbing problems tomorrow.

1. Use BioSmart every day in all your drains at least one week prior to hosting an event. BioSmart clears away grease and fatty residues in pipes, which is a major cause of kitchen back-ups.

2. Snake your drains. Prevent emergencies with preemptive snaking. Before guests arrive, remove minor blockages that may cause issues when the demand increases.

3. Service your boiler or high efficiency water heater.

4. Purchase a space heater. If you have an old boiler/heating system, be prepared in case it fails. Or if you want to make your home warmer for relatives.

5. Call Big Blue. If you know you need work performed, call today to schedule an appointment. We like to give our team time off over the holidays, so our December dates fill up fast.

Plan ahead, be prepared, and from all us at Big Blue, have yourself the happiest of holidays!