You Want a Tankless Water Heater... But Which One?

I talk to many clients who want to get a tankless water heater. I am frequently asked which make and model I recommend.

Paul with Big Blue Plumbing explains which tankless water heater brands he likes and why.

Which tankless water heater we recommend for your project will depend on several factors including, size of home, number of bathrooms and occupants. The location of the water heater may determine which unit we recommend as different products have different clearances from windows and doors, for example.

Our go-to model that works in most applications is the Navien 240A. We like the brand as we have a proven track record of performance and reliability. We keep installing them and they keep working, so we keep installing them. Navien has great tech support and we have had factory reps come to our facility for training.

One thing we really like about the navien is the built in buffer tank and pump which really helps to mitigate the major issue that effects tankless water heaters, the time delay and wasted water while the unit gets warmed up.

We have also had good results with Noritz and AO Smith / Takagi (same company).

Customer testimonial - Shelly has a Navien at her home in San Leandro.