I asked our customer care team what they thought was our most common plumbing service call. The answer, clogged toilets.
Given that we deal with such issues as exploding water heaters and replacing main sewer lines, a clogged toilet doesn't sound like a very exciting topic for a newsletter. But given the inconvenience and unpleasantness of the problem, clearly it is a very important job.

When you gotta go- you gotta go.

Doodle of Overflowing Toilet

How do toilets get clogged?

The main cause of toilet clogs is over use of toilet paper or wipes.  However, as emergency plumbers we have pulled many personal items out of toilets, these include, but are not limited to:
kids toys, cell phones, jewellery, dog bones (bones for dogs, not bones of dogs) pencils, q-tips, keys...
The list is endless.

Clogged Toilet

How to clear a clogged toilet?
1. Plunger

The first thing to try in clearing a clogged toilet is a plunger which clears a drain using air pressure.
Make sure the rubber end of the plunger (cup) completely covers the drain and creates a seal.
Push the plunger handle down firmly with a gentle motion and release. Do this two or three times.
Be sure to maintain the seal and be prepared for some mess.

2. Auger
A closet auger is a type of manual drain snake that is sold in most hardware stores.
Place the rubber boot of the auger into the toilet and then push the snake into the toilet while turning the handle.
Keep pushing and turning the handle until the clog clears.  

In both of these examples, it is a good idea to have a trash bag handy to put the tool in after you have finished with it so you can carry it through the house without dripping stuff all down the hallway!

NOTE:  A plunger or auger only work on "Soft Clogs".   For blockages of an inorganic nature, you may need to seek help from a professional.


Plunging Toilet
Unclogging Toilet with Plunger
How to prevent a clogged toilet